Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gotcha syndrome

It's a bit silly for lefties, myself included, to tie ourselves up in knots over Valerie Plame. Anyone who actually wants to change the rules will admit, as Daniel Patrick Moynahan pointed out in his book Secrecy, one of the great challenges to change in America has become the National Security state, and its addiction to secret classifications. It was, after all, legitimate to understand that Joseph Wilson was possibly sent to Niger by his wife. It doesn't change the impact and truth of his report, or the way it was ignored by the White House. But so many on the left so badly want to burn Bush that they are willing to overlook the fact that essentially, the whistle was blown on the CIA's nepotism. Look, Wilson was certainly qualified for the job, and nepotism isn't always bad. What Rove and Libby did, whether or not it was a minor crime, it was not a lie. Instead, they lied to the Grand Jury about actually telling the truth to the press. So it depends on the coverup to hang them, which it probably will, for in a testament to their own hubris, they have refused to learn the first rule of Washington:
Everything Comes Out. And it's a good thing.


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