Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"So-called Republicans"

I hate Janeane Garafolo. I really do. If she didn't exist, conservatives would have to invent her; a sarcastic actress in full "outrage" mode, with dead lousy comic timing, who poorly sums up the talking points she just read off Dailykos, breaking it up with occasional wannabe tough-guy screeches along the lines of "Nick Kristof can kiss my big white ass!!!!"
She leaks condescension, in that unique way that makes your gut tighten if you are anything but a true believer. No critical thinking, no real compassion or insight into the American psyche, no genuine attempts to understand folks who don't agree with her. She's the worst kind of ideologue, the mirror image of what she claims to hate.
That said, I was laughing my ass off last night. She had worked herself up into such a lather on her radio show (by far the worst on Air America, after they pulled Chuck D. Sam Seder sounds like he screamed for three hours before the show started) that she kept wrongly throwing out the phrase "so-called".
"So-called" is one of the cheapest tricks in the ranter's bag. It's a strictly ad hominem low-baller, the kind of cliche that is used by smarmy people to attack their opponent instead of their opponent's ideas. But Janeane was in such a state that she kept using the phrase "so-called Republicans", over and over.
What, like they've let their party memberships expire?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Janeane doesn't read dailykos. She doesn't know how to use a computer.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Lenoxus said...

While I've never been familiar with this particular figure, I absolutelty agree on the stupidness of this phenomenon. In fact, that's how I arrived at this piece: looking up "the phrase so called" on Google (you're on the first age of that search, as it happens). Maybe I'll write additional thoughts on my own blog when I find the time...

9:33 PM  

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