Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where Are Your Crazy Turkish Gunmen When You Need Them?

So, apparently this fruit

thinks that I am intrinsically morally disordered.

Fuck off.

Ya know, the Catholic Church has spent most of it's history doing more foul then fair, but at least with John Paul, you had the benefit of some redeeming social value. His standing up to Communism, his alliance with Solidarity, his concentration on young people, even the stunt of hitting every damn country on the globe was kinda cool in a "Lonely Planet" way. But this current Santo Padre is more then just a bust. Remember, this is the first big thing he chose to do in office. I'm sure that all those whipped puppies in the pews, who are so obsessed with their own uncleanliness they'll buy anything a man in a funny hat says, are just thrilled at this latest spiritual purging. But think not that a world where a man like Mychal Judge or Henri Nouwen is considered a bad Catholic will long offer its broad support to this deeply corrupt institution. Understand, the Holy Father isn't just fucking over the gays, but by making this his top priority, the very calling card of his papacy, he's fucking over the church and its multitude of needs as well. When the day comes that Roman Catholicism has gone the way of Shinto (and if things keep going the way they are in Latin America, that day ain't far off)we'll be able to look back at this Prada-wearing doofus and say to ourselves, man, what was up with that guy and the gay sex?

By the way, it says right there in the Bible that you are to "call no man father". It don't say nothing about "daddy", though.


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