Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Crank Up The Joni Mitchell

So, when did the bland, wood-sided ranch houses of my "Ice Storm" era Los Angeles childhood turn into "mid-century" architectural classics? I mean, three million bucks for this?

It looks like my friend TG's parents house in Carbon Canyon. We used to have sleepovers on their giant sectional couch, where we'd play Atari all night and sneak peeks at his dad's Penthouse magazines (I think those close-up red-meat beaver shots are what turned me gay). I remember wondering where the white powder on the glass coffee table came from on Saturday morning.

Who knew that 25 years later, folks would pay millions to recreate those hazy, lazy 70's California days? I bet they restore the gold-veined mirrored walls and Avocado refrigerators.

Hat tip to the L.A. version of Curbed.


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