Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spiritual Punishment Run Amok

The Mormon Church decides to excommunicate a lifelong member, Buckley Jeppson (on the left) who is gay, because he married his boyfriend legally in Toronto last year. So what does he do? He launches a web site, of course! The bigotry and ecclesiastical abuse that would have, in a previous age, been swept under the a veil of silence, is now in the pages of the Los Angeles Times.

God, I love the internet.

The one piece of advice I would offer to Buckley Jeppson is that he should stop trying to reconcile the hierarchy of the LDS church to his own respectful and open-minded beliefs (unlike many of the everyday members, the church's leadership is neither) and just realize that he's got to move on. You don't dance at a party where you're not invited, man.


Blogger cvcobb01 said...

As a left left Mormon, it pains me to see the church on the wrong side of history again. And this very issue, next to feminism, is what propels me to the sidelines of the culture I was raised in and the one that saves my family from the religion's worst excesses.

Dear God, this is painful to go through, what with the church on one side and the comentators on the other, who don't even undertand what it is to be Mormon. Please help. Please save us from ourselves.

10:18 PM  

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