Saturday, October 29, 2005

Genesis 3:14

The greatest curse of living on the East Side of L.A. is the Cobrasnake. He slithers down out of the Hollywood hills to take photos of drunk hipsters at parties, photos that he posts to his site, which then work to inspire Heathers across the great American middle to new and silly sartorial trends like trucker hats and cowboy boots with shorts. I would hate him and everything he engenders, even if he hadn't trashed my friend Mo's house once.

Well, this guy has finally become enough of a wanker to be spotted by the coolhunters at the L.A. Times, who rewarded him with a front-page "lifestyle" piece. He used this opportunity for a national spotlight to say what may be the single stupidest thing uttered since the 2000 election:

"That's what so exciting about the time we're in right now. There's so much space for creativity. Our parents' generation had to deal with wars and Vietnam and all that. Ever since the '80s and '90s, it's been a real good time."

I detect a new trend, and I'm calling dibs on it! All future references to this phrase or concept must henceforth cite me as the source:
Republican Hipsters.


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