Thursday, October 27, 2005

Save Harriet!

As John Aravosis puts it, the men over at Concerned Women of America have determined that Harriet Miers is Not Concerned Enough.
Well, it's time for the Democrats to step in and save Harriet.
Look, as much as anyone, I enjoy the pleasure of a big ole' Bush belly flop. But after the rush wears off and we're all standing around the tapped-out keg muttering "good times, yeah, good times", that's when it's gonna hit us:
Holy Shit, What Have We Done!
Unless Bush pulls yet another tone-deaf move, (not something that can ever be ruled out, do to The Bubble) he's going to try and save face after Harriet by reaching out to the base. Without Karl around to wrangle the wingnuts and whisper sweet nothings in James Dobson's ear, he'll have one way to rally the troops; lift up his broom and declare Shenanigans.
Yeah, it will be a call for all-out red-meat jihad. The Dems held their powder dry through the John "Scalia with a smile" Roberts confirmation, recognizing Teflon when they see it, and figuring the next one down the pike will be the real killable beast. They were right, in all the wrong ways.
If the Dems declare war on the Meirs replacement nominee, short of being able to produce a dead hooker or a baby-killing past, people are gonna start glancing at their watches. There is a kind of kid-gloves effect that comes to the next turn around after a bruising nomination battle; just ask David Souter. After the sheer debacle and entertainment of the electric-blue power suits and the Hallmark mash notes, it's gonna be hard to get people to care about some conservative stiff and his ridiculous ideas about "The Constitution in Exile" or the G-d-given righteousness of Lochner V New York. Never mind the dangerous shoals that lurk therein.
And so with Harriet, we pick the unknown instead of the known. Maybe she won't be as bad as the fire-breather who inevitably would follow her. Maybe she'll try as hard to suck up to Breyer or Kennedy as she did to GWB. Either way, I'd rather risk a Miers then invite in a Bork. Harry Reid, it's time to grab a few moderate Republicans and circle your wagons.
Better a sop then a stiletto, any day.


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