Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Anna Nichole Loves The Sushi

So rumors are flying about Anna Nicole Smith's recent lesbo romp. In the "comes as no surprise" column, mark down the late night I was at Cantor's with my friend Max, during the "Anna Nicole Show" days, when the woman herself stumbled in with cameraman and entourage in tow, including her famously smitten and mousy assistant Kimmy. When Kimmy got up to use the little girl's room, Anna started looking around for her and whining in the same voice my dog makes when it needs to take a dump. "Where's Kimmy! Where's Kimmy!" When Kimmy re-appeared across the room, Anna jumped to her feet and jiggled past our table, taking Kimmy in a full embrace and sliding her tongue into Kimmy's mouth. I looked at Max, Max looked at me, the Corned Beef in my mouth turned nasty, and we got up and paid the bill.


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