Monday, November 07, 2005

New RNC poll

My liberal Canadian boss was on the receiving end of of an exploratory poll from the RNC this week. He was asked whether he preferred Jeb Bush, John McCain, or Bill Frist as a Presidential candidate in 2008. The emphasis was clearly on Bush, as he was then asked the most follow-up questions about him (he had answered that of the three, he would favor McCain), including about his role in the Terry Schaivo case. There was also a question about whether he would frequently voted in primaries. Is there a Jeb faction forming at the RNC?

Much of the rest of the poll was taken up, interestingly, with Hillary Clinton. They brought up issues like "How Do you feel about Hillary Clinton?" "Does she make you angry?" "Do you know how she voted on the Iraq war resolution?" I guess that the ducks are slowly forming their cue.

I don't know if I could face another Bush-Clinton election. Don't we have any other politicians in America?


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