Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Straight Guys Are Perverts

So this dude managed to get himself arrested in Wisconsin. It turned out that he had a habit of taking pictures of his junk and then lovingly placing said photos on the windshields of foxy area ladies.

Yet another tragic example of the life irredeemably twisted by heterosexuality.

If only Mr. Jeffrey Hein of Waukesha, Wisconsin had been a homosexual! Then he could have posted photos of his junk on, say,, where instead of arrest and humiliation, he may have received some flattering attention. Also, his mustache would have been considered an ironic reference to classic queer culture in the 70's, instead of the creepy calling card of a hetero man-perv.

Plus, as a gay, he would have had the good sense to shave his fucking head.

How many more lives will be lost to the sick and wicked ways of The Breeders (no, not the band) before America wakes up and does something about it? How many Jeffrey Heins must there be?

Story courtesy of Jalopnik.


Anonymous kitten said...

it's so true. you are highly amusing!

4:13 AM  

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