Tuesday, November 29, 2005

SUSA Governor's Poll

Here's my quick take on the SUSA 50 state Governor's poll.

If you look at the Governors with positive approval ratings, there are 27 at 51% approval or above. These slots are almost equally split between Republicans and Democrats, 14 to 13. But if you add in the Red State- Blue State factor, it takes on a whole different slant. There are 11 popular Democratic governors in states that went for Bush, and only four popular Republican governors in states that went for Kerry. On the negative side, there are five unpopular Republicans in the statehouse of Blue States, and only one unpopular Red State Democratic governor, Kathleen Blanco, whose poll numbers have plummeted in Katrina's wake. All and all, this hints at Bush tarring the popularity of Republicans where they have been able to win in Blue States, where the populace, guaranteed three more years of Bush, are taking out their frustrations on a convenient local target. Democrats in Red States are getting the bonus of being in the opposite party from an unpopular President, who now has negative ratings in many of states he won last year.
By the way, what the hell happened to Frank Murkowski? And Matt Blunt? Nepotism backlash?


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