Sunday, December 11, 2005

Honor Thy Father...

So, 87-year-old journalistic legend Mike Wallace recently gave an interview where he was asked about George Bush's refusal to sit down with him on 60 Minutes. He suggested that the election of Bush, a man with no foreign policy experience, was an indication that America was fucked up. Harsh words indeed, but not so out of line for a man legendary for his bluntness.

His son, Chris Wallace, is also a journalist. Or rather, he's one of the blow-dry boys over at Fox. Junior must be working out his inadequacy issues, because he recently gave an interview as well, in which he intimated his father had "lost it" and that the family might be needing to have a "competency hearing" soon.

That's one hearing I'd love to attend.

Chris Wallace then went on to compare Howard Dean's recent comments about not being able to win in Iraq to the WWII propaganda of Tokyo Rose.

Well, let's see. Tokyo Rose was the lickboot lackey of a deeply corrupt and militaristic imperial power, ruled by a wealthy insular elite, who lead their nation into war in an attempt to secure important natural resources, while claiming to an ill-informed public that their aggression was a matter of aggrieved national pride.

Chris Wallace is a Fox News anchor.


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