Thursday, December 15, 2005

Praise To The Man

Sanctimonious gay marriage hater and great-grandson of polygamists Mitt Romney is giving up his re-election bid because he wants to run for President. And because he probably wouldn't be re-elected.

If you want to know what a Mormon Ward would feel like on a national scale, go ahead and elect this blow-dry scold President. Think of all the money we would save. We could replace welfare with Deseret Industries thrift stores, use the A.T.F. to ban all liqour, tabacco, and coffee sales, and replace the National Institutes of Health with the laying on of hands.

As only an ex-Mormon can say, yikes.


Blogger the silent observer said...

That was a wonderful I truly appreciate.

5:24 AM  
Blogger cvcobb01 said...

It'll never happen. What my sad sack fellow Mormons don't appreciate is how much they're still secretly reviled by the rightwing fundamentalist Christians (RFCs) that the GOP lives to serve. Mormon culture has long suffered under an inferiority complex that makes them suckers for even an ounce of acceptance from those in power.

Hence the current truce, one that RFCs base on an "enemy of my enemy" ethos, just like they've done with conservative Jews. The moment the RFCs can hold power without Mormons and Jews, they will. And they'll more freely talk about how they look forward to both groups being fried to a crisp before the 2nd coming.

Romney doesn't get it; he's just the latest example of an ambitious Mormon letting his so-called status on the right go to his head. But Mormons like him (and sadly most are) are useful idiots, oddly similar to Log Cabin Republicans. Both are in an alliance with groups that wish for their extermination in one fashion or another; both seem willfuly blind to that fact.

12:55 PM  

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