Friday, January 13, 2006

The Galloway Limbo

George Galloway, prancing clown of the British Parliament, tries to impress one of the lovely well-endowed ladies he's currently locked in a house with on Celebrity Big Brother by purring like a cat and lapping milk out of her cupped hands:

The Respect Party member for Bow and Bethnal Green has apparently decided to abandon far-left politics and pursue a career in professional S&M roleplaying. Here's what some of his fellow countrymen decided the photo's caption should say on the Guardian's blog:

"I once did this with Saddam, you know..?"

"and so I always thought that the clitoris was somewhere around this area.."

"All the dignity of two ferrets fucking in a sack"

"9 out of 10 dominatrixes say their MP prefers it..."

"Senator Coleman's accuser decides to provide graphic illustration of what a "lickspittle" looks like."

"Not in my name!" said Tiddles."

"And for an encore I shall lick my own bum . ."

Sometimes the satire just writes itself.


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