Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Inner Diva

So this new site,, has this "face recognition" software. You can load a picture, and then compare it to their database. They even have a special celebrity database you can check. I loaded this picture. Guess which celebrity it said I looked like? No, guess.

Sophia Loren.

I shit you not.

If I ever needed proof that I was gay, right down to the genetic code, this is it.

The rest of my celebrity list:

Serge Gainsbourg (Cool!)
Jefferson Davis (I am a Southern boy.)
Jean-Pierre Raffarin (Jesus General will be happy to confirm my inner Frenchman.)
Robin Williams (Blech. That explains the back hair.)
Ralph Nader (This was hilarious. the photo was actually of Howard Dean!)
Daniel Radcliffe (Add about 200 pounds. I guess we're both Anglo-Saxons.)
Iris Chang (WTF! Definitely not an Anglo-Saxon.)
Barry Gibb (Death to disco!)

Thanks to Andrew for the heads-up.


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