Friday, March 17, 2006

Weight Update

Well, it's been six weeks since my Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. Shortly after the operation, I purchased a new scale to track my weight loss, but at the time, I was far too heavy for the scale to even work for me (I would guess this is an increasingly common problem in America). But I knew that if things went according to plan, I'd soon be able to weigh myself, without the aid of, say, a roadside truck-weighing station(or the heavy-duty scale at my doctor's office).

I hit that point this morning. I have now, since my surgery, lost 60 pounds. I'm starting to dramatically feel the effects. When I was in San Francisco last weekend, I attended a rugby match with my buddies on the San Francisco Fog, and I volunteered to be the Touch Judge, which is the sideline judge who must follow the action up and down the field, and hustle under the goal posts for conversion kicks. It was unbelievable to be back on a cold, sunny pitch, running up and down, concentrating on the ball. I never would have had the energy for that two months ago. Today I slipped into a jacket I haven't worn for over a year. Unfortunately, it's a bit dated now, fashion-wise, but who cares. I'm getting the old me back. This weekend, I'm going to actually try going to the gym, a place where I haven't stepped foot in a long time.

Best side effect? Being horny again.

Worst side effect? Being horny again. All the time!


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