Thursday, April 27, 2006

21st Century Lynching

Are you a brown boy who wants to kiss a white girl at a party in Houston? Prepare to get severely beaten, sodomized with a metal pipe, covered in bleach, and left for dead.

This is how it works. First, the angry rhetoric. Then, some young knucklehead who has been juiced on the hate busts loose. After which the original haters, the spewers and insinuators, those who speak in code and cloak themselves in doublespeak, distance themselves and join in condemning the violence with their lying tongues.

Sure, lay this at the door of the two teenagers who did it. But don't forget to lay it at the door of Tom Tancredo. Of the Minutemen. Of Lou Dobbs.

There's enough blame to go around.

Thanks to Sullivan for the heads-up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US Department of Justice, sic, in its report Hate Crimes on Campus (DOJ Publication NJC187249), referring to the use of incendiary language against gays and lesbians said that “campus hate crimes usually go unreported unless they involve severe injuries, death, a bombing or arson. They state that “students report hearing degrading language about women, gays and lesbians on a daily basis…” and that “the use of such language creates an atmosphere that permits conduct to escalate from mere words to stronger words, to threats, and ultimately to violence.”
The same is true for any group singled out for the bigot treatment. These attacks have always been used by those who own this country to protect their wealth. Taking a page from the Roman book of imperial domination, they toss a witches brew of hatreds for working people, minorities, immigrants, women, lesbians and gays and others into society hoping to keep the pot boiling. They rightly guess that if we’re sidetracked into fighting each other they can just go on getting wealthier and pontifically denouncing the ‘bigots’.
We have to exercise our solidarity in cases like this and go all out to demand that the real criminals, the ‘leaders’ who spew hatred and communal war are denounced and sued. The KKK was broken by lawsuits that alleged that those who make a career of promoting hatred were responsible, no matter how far removed or how much they denied it, for the violence. Their assets were seized and given to compensate their victims. We should also demand that they be jailed as accessories.
Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organization

5:19 AM  

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