Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Give In To The Myorg

I finally broke down and joined Myspace. I already feel hipper.

Here's what I put under whom I'd like to meet:

I dig guys my age or younger, from slim to beefy. I especially love country boys, big ears, short hair, big smooth chests, useless liberal arts educations, a good singing voice, and those little round dimples some guys have right above their butt. We'll get along well if you love a good book and a good beer, Emmylou Harris is your idea of a gay icon, you have no more than three hair care products, you despise bullies of all stripes (especially elected ones), and you'd like a big brother but don't need a daddy. Extra points given to queer punks, red-cheeked Irishmen, Johnnies, jack Mormons, fans of Charles Ives, West Indians, half-breeds, owners of air-cooled Volkswagens, Patrick O'Brian readers, alt-country heroes, Kierkegaardian existentalists, ex-wrestlers, Oklahomans, hookers of the rugby kind, the pure of heart and the polymorphously perverse.


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