Saturday, October 29, 2005

Who reads me?

The Sitemeter at the bottom of this page is a wonderful tool, letting me know how many hits I've had, who's on my blog, where they come from geographically, and where, in a section called "Referrals", they were just before coming to this blog. I love to read this, and see where folks have found me. Often, this may be from a blogroll on another site that I like. But then you get weird ones like this blog. It's a conservative Catholic blog dedicated to discussions of attempts to promote orthodoxy within the church, with all kinds of posts about obscure bishops and Latin masses. Now personally, I think that there have been few greater impediments to human progress and generators of human misery then the Catholic Church. But, just the same, I love that people who would never agree with me might read my blog. I take all comers, faithful, converso, and heretical. Whether you are reading for amusement, titillation, or to stoke your sense of outrage, you are welcome. I should warn you though, that if you scroll down, you might see Courtney Love's tit, and an unkind reference to The Madonna.
I know you're lurking, Ratzi. Your secret's safe with me.


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