Thursday, November 10, 2005

Must. Let. Out. The. Poison.

Representative Warren Chisum (rhymes with....) of Pampa, Texas, was the author of the anti-gay marriage amendment just passed in Texas. In an act of supremely condescending moderation, he had this to say when asked about the next gay-bashing proposal on the slate in Texas, a law that would ban gays from being foster parents:

"I'm not about to go out and beat up on the homosexual community. Some of them do a fabulous job of stepping in (as foster parents) when no one else will."

That's right folks, the Republican Representative author of Texas' newest piece of gay hate law likes to casually drop the word "fabulous" in front of reporters.

What a fag.

Oh and if we make such "fabulous" parents, I guess the good representative has some research that shows that we make really, really unfabulous spouses, right? I'm sure that he tucked himself under his fabulous comforter in his fabulous "country-style" bedroom of his fabulous West Texas mini-ranch the night of the election with the smug satisfaction of knowing that, hey, he's not a total asshole. He just thinks that you have to keep people in their place, dontcha? Which for him is apparently a good six feet under. From the Austin Chronicle:

Chisum also incited controversy in 1994 when he revealed that he had invested $200,000 in the life insurance policies of six AIDS patients, paying them a percentage of the policies' face value and collecting the full amount when the patients died. Chisum justified his investment in these so-called "viatical settlements" to the Houston Post by pointing out that the settlements -- which many advocates for AIDS patients support -- allowed the patients to pay for medicine and hospital care that they might not otherwise have been able to afford. Many believed that Chisum's credibility was tainted, however, when he told the same reporter that "if they die in one month, you know, they [the settlements] do really good."

Take a good look at the banality of evil, folks:


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