Monday, November 14, 2005

The Religious Right's Worst Nightmare

In an up-and-coming corner of D.C., an evangelical church is seduced by a nefarious loft developer. The pastor sees the clear hand of The Gay Agenda, right there in the Washington Post:

Several weeks after the initial hearing with the Historic Preservation Review Board, the Rapture Lofts project wins final approval, with modifications. But instead of calling it Rapture Lofts, the developers decide that T Street Flats is a more marketable name. So much for legacy. Pastor Theresa Garrison says she doesn't care what the lofts are called. From the pulpit one Sunday morning, she warns that the hallowed church grounds soon will be overtaken by the sinful. "See, I found out that the rent is gonna be so high that only the rich homosexuals and lesbians will be able to buy this condominium," she tells the congregation. One part of what the pastor says is true: The condos will be priced from $400,000 to $1 million, with no set-asides for affordable units.

Satan, thy name is Gentrification!

Props to Wonkette.


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