Friday, December 16, 2005

More Gay Cowboys

Here's some nice thoughts about the politics of BrokeBack Mountian. The writer makes a good point about the movie being about men, not gay men, but the complex relationships between men, with all the attendant expectation, competition, and unverbalized emotions. In that, I can't help but compare the story to the layered friendship between Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin in Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander novels, a real study of the emotional lives of men. They too were in love, though there was nothing "gay" about it. Maybe what is the most powerful things about the film, and the scariest, is how it shows the emotional power men can have over each other. The sex is incidental.


Blogger Hunter said...

Wow! I'm really flattered to run across a post about some good comments on Brokeback and follow the link to my own blog.

I finally saw the film yesteday and just finished my second review (which will be appearing at on January 1); the first is at, under the user name rmthunter. The Green Man piece goes more deeply into the very things I was writing about in that blog, with a tie-in also to the whole thing about the importance of the landscape.

I also want to thank you -- your posts have been an incredible resource for me on this one.

There will probably be more blogs at both Scalpel and Hunter's Eye (which are more geared to the artistic/formal considerations).

Thanks again.

Robert M. Tilendis

2:26 PM  

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