Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Only Two More Days Til Gay Cowboys!

No word on whether there will be pudding. But already, across the land, you can feel the tension building. The straight boys are starting to feel just a wee bit out of place, if this Straight Dude's Guide To Brokeback Mountain is any indication. I bet many a young man is dreading the "coming question", no not the rough inquiry from the big biker guy in the dark corner of a roadhouse, but the question from the sweet lips of their softly feminine girlfriends.
"Honey, can we go see the gay cowboy movie?"

This is also a great moment for nervous jokes to be made about the possibility of being "mislead":

Listen, you breeders need to lean back and relax about the queer media pounding you are about to receive. I promise, it won't hurt a bit. You may even come to like it.


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