Monday, January 09, 2006

The Gospel, Brought To You By Your Federal Government

Courtesy of the Washington Post, the crapitude of the Religious Right, elegantly summed up in two paragraphs about Evangelical pastor Herbert Lusk:

Lusk warned adversaries: "My friends, don't fool with the church because the church has buried a million critics. And those the church has not buried, the church has made funeral arrangement for."

Lusk, a Bush supporter whose organization has received more than $1 million in federal grants under the administration's Faith Based Initiative, said, "From all I believe, this is the right thing to do," referring to his central role in "Justice Sunday III." "I believe this is what Jesus would have me do."

Sinful pride.
The threat of violence/use of fear.
Claiming to know the mind of God.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the whole ball of pharissitical wax!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that the apple always falls close to the tree — but it’s interesting that Lusk’s baptist minister father Herbert #1 plead guilty (only a few years ago) to five felony counts of abusing government money meant for the child care program that he ran in Monterey, CA. From the news stories, one can infer that he was at the least quite an SOB through it all:

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