Friday, January 06, 2006

Political Gravitas

George Galloway, the Saddam-loving, so-left-he's-out-of-the-building member of the British Parliament, became quite the darling of a certain subset of head-nodding Daily Kossacks when he went before congress last year and had some fun at the expense of a few Republican Senators (like that's hard).

Well, he's decided to follow up that circus by going all classy on us:

He's a contestant on England's incredibly low-rent Celebrity Big Brother.

Nothing adds more weight to your conspiracy-theory politics then spending a couple of weeks on hidden camera locked into a house with a porn star, a forgotten TV actor, and an ex-football player.

The problem is that, well, George is still in Parliament. Let's hope no one in Bethnal Green needs a pothole fixed.

Then again, think of the all the fun we could have, say, putting Pat Robertson on Fear Factor. We could force him to spend an entire hour chained to a lightning-prone telephone pole with a real, live homosexual.

P.S. Welcome all minions of the great master Sullivan. Y'all should feel free to stick around and browse a bit. If you are interested, check out my new documentary film. It's called Straight Acting.
No it's not about gay Republicans! It's about gay men who play violent contact sports like rugby and hockey, and what they get out of it.
Besides, not to break David Drier's heart or anything, but those Log Cabin boys ain't fooling no one no how.
P.P.S. Tips to Wonkette for letting me steal the Robertson pic.
P.P.P.S. here's a web site dedicated to docking Galloway his MP's pay for every minute he spends on the show. The salary clock is pure genius.
P.P.P.P.S. Here's an update on the story.


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