Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Niche Marketing

Sadly No! points out that the right wing is gearing up for a boycott of Ford after they finally did the right thing with the gay advertising. Plus, a pastor in Washington is organizing a boycott of Microsoft for their support of domestic partnership benefits.

With conservative Christians boycotting just about everyone on the Fortune 500 list (to no discernable effect) I'd only imagine that those who walk in the light of Republican Jesus are finding it hard to come up with righteous outlets for their disposible income (Although, if they have disposible income, they should probably be cranking out a few more babies, but I digress). I'd like to help out my burdened Christian brothers by directing their money to businesses they can feel good about:

Here's a company where you can buy your own home loom and spinning wheel.

Here's a convenient supplier of butter churns.

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without a source for chastity belts.

I must warn you, though, there's some very un-Christian photos on this last page, but sometimes we must walk through the valley of fire before we reach the cool heights of self-righteousness!


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