Monday, January 23, 2006

Queer Or British?

David Morley was a popular bartender who survived a nail bomb going off at the Admiral Duncan, the Soho gay bar where he worked that was bombed by a right-wing terrorist in 1999. So it was some kind of sick irony when, having already cheated death once in his short life, he was beaten to death in a brutal random attack last year. Well, finally a little justice. But just a little.

In far less grave homo-related news from the UK, Mark Oaten, one of the challengers to replace the gin-besotted Charles Kennedy at the head of the Liberal Democrats, has pulled out of the race after revelations concerning his relationship with a 23 year old rent boy. My favorite aspect of the case was that he was only paying 80 quid a pop. They could use that kind of frugality over at the Treasury, no doubt.

Oh, and could there be two paragraphs in the English language that say "Queer or British?" more then these:

One young male prostitute interviewed by the paper described him as a 'regular punter for six months' who had enjoyed being humiliated, adding: 'He's a very troubled man living a very dangerous double life.'

Last night friends said they were stunned at the revelations, including claims of three-in-a-bed sex and asking the prostitute to dress up in soccer kit.

Soccer kit. Heh.

Buy the way, I've noticed that I've unconsciously developed a whole regular theme on this blog of writing about the gay doings of our cousins on their little island. I have long held a secret theory that, in fact, all British men are gay, and that this explains colonialism (Lawrence of Arabia, anyone?). I'm going to provide proof for my theory with regular "Queer or British?" postings that explore the fey goings-on of that country where a fag is something you put in your mouth and suck. I'll use as my inspiration the words of former French Prime Minister Edith Cresson, who asserted that homosexuality didn't exist in France, but by comparison:

In Anglo-Saxon countries men prefer the company of men. In England 25% of men are homosexual.

She's a bit low in that assessment, methinks.


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