Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Grad School Is Over

A recent feedback letter to American Apparel. I'm not making this up:

This comment is in regard to American Apparel's hypocritical exploitation of womyn. Why is it that American Apparel functions with every intention of maintaing a non-sweat-shop company, but simultaneously insists on using disgustingly exploitative advertising? Every time I go into Los Angeles, I'm flooded with sexual images (of the current socially accepted idea) of "beautiful" womyn- and often just their faces- advertising American Apparel. So I guess my question is this: What is the point of stopping the explotation of some people while (or with) exploiting others? Are womyn not also people? It's a hypocritical as PETA, asking for animal liberation while utalizing a road of oppression and exploitation of womyn as well. How can you expect to stop exploitation if you're simply perpetuating it on a different level? You can't limit equality. In your mission statement, you say you stand for human rights. Oh, yes, that's right, in this country womyn aren't considered huMAN, and the support of this imperialistic, repulsively patriarichal country IS half of the name of your company. Golly, that explains it all. (And yes, I'm well aware that the 'American' in American Apparel is to establish that the clothing is made, sweat-shop-free, in the United States of America.) I've been told that youre owner/founder is a nymphomaniac, which could certainly have something to do with it, but I wouldn't quite expect that to translate into the advertising. And although your tags do PROMOTE being sweat-shop free, your actions speak very loudly that humyn freedom, equality and justice is not at all your concern. This all makes me deeply question the sincerity and integrity of your company, and I know for a fact that I am not alone. I know myriads of others who also boycott American Apparel because of your sexist advertising and explitation of womyn. Regardless of the fact that you promote humyn rights, you are in now way being thorough with your demonstration with it, and it's apalling. In resistance, xxxxxxx xxxxxx

I almost wet myself over this one. Tone, spelling, grammer, the use of womyn, the misspelling of patriarchal, this is pure 100% gold. And to think, I actually believed that such "womyn" were just a figment of Rush Limbaugh's fevered imagination!


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