Monday, February 13, 2006

Gratuitous Sucking Sound

Of all the things I love about Los Angeles, its mesmerizing ability to make people absolutely bat-shit crazy has to be at the top of the list. Maybe standing here, on the far edge of civilization, we all get a bit lost in the long gaze, the whorling vortex of empty that hovers at the edge of life. Los Angeles in its lazy haze brings forward all the anxiety of the modern dilemma, without the distractions of tribe and history and god/tradition that distract people in more settled places from looking over the edge. Besides, back East they are too busy shoveling snow.

I mention this because I can't explain what would inspire a successful, wealthy, admittedly-B-list-but-still-working movie director to don women's clothes on a warm L.A. night, when the wind blows dry and clear down from the desert and the whole city seems to sleep fitfully under too much reflected light, and then walk down to Benitos Tacos on Santa Monica Boulevard (aka "Tranny Taco") to solicit an undercover cop posing as a John.

I think that sometimes in this city, it's real easy for your grip to slip. Just ask Lee Tamahori. Or if you prefer, help him pick out his outfit.


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