Monday, February 27, 2006

Thirty-Four Percent

Ever since the whole "Dubai Ports" controversy hit last week, I've been waiting for a new Presidential Approval Rating poll. My guess was that this latest "Scandale Du Week" was really going to hurt Bush, because it was going to piss off the most not people who already hat him, an essentially reliable part of his base, i.e., immigrant-hating xenophobic assholes.

Well, we've got it. The new CBS poll has him at 34%, a 12 point drop.

It's true that Nixon actually got down to 24% at his resignation, but really, this is amazing. In our polarized age, in a country essentially 50/50 in political affiliation, this is getting down to the bitter enders. Remember, 24% still approved of Nixon as he became the first President to resign in scandal; there will always be a substantial chuck of folks who will pass the "killing puppies live on television" test.

They don't matter.

But at least there is one town where George Bush can consider retiring.


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