Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hot Osmond Bi-sexual Teens!

I reader kindly tipped my to this lovely story about Marie Osmond's two daughters, who both have posted sexually explicit info on their Myspace profiles. Her oldest daughter says that she is bisexual and craves sex "as many times as possible". Her sixteen year old talks about doing David Bowie (I didn't know that the kids these days were that cool) and refers to herself as a slut. Marie is up in arms. Typically, despite being the person in the world most responsible for how her daughters are raised, she chooses to cast aspersions the that source of all prevailing evil in the modern world, the internet:

"The insidious potential for harm from adolescent Internet sites like only exacerbates these kinds of problems."

Like her daughter is only a slut in cyberspace?


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Oh my heck....

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