Sunday, October 30, 2005

Andrew Sullivan Believes in Evolution

I was reading Sully this morning on his outrage over the Plame affair, and I kept feeling this dizzy sense of cognitive dissonance. This was, after all, essentially the guy who pretty much talked me into leaning towards the war. Hell, this is the guy who kept George Bush at near-constant attention with his slavish fellatio for the two years after 9/11. So I figured I needed a visual aid to help quell my sea-sickness:



It all somehow makes more sense this way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basically, what you're dealing with is the wearing off of trauma. 9/11 basically sent him spiralling into macho insanity. Bush's continual bungling gradually pierced the haze as he came to realize how much of an utter moron Bush is.

Really, it's a rare example of someone actually LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE, which many people never do. It's better to realize you were in error and change your position than to stubbornly stick to it as the evidence mounts against you (like el Presidente Bush).

10:10 PM  

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