Monday, January 23, 2006

The Jacktracker

Gridskipper provides us with this excellent map hack of Special Agent Jack Bauer's fictional movements around the city of Los Angeles on the series 24, Fox's beloved terrorist soap opera.

I'm totally hooked into the series, but like many Angelenos, my reality is frequently un-suspended by the speed at which Jack manages to travel around our traffic-choked burg on the supposedly "real time" show. Last week, I was scoffing at his 17 minute trip from Westwood to the Ontario Airport, which Gridskipper, in it's "Geographic Reality Report", is calculating would require an average speed on the So-Cal freeways of 195 MPH. Not bad for an old Econoline van.

If you are as much of a geography freak as I am, you might enjoy this almost as much as the show.


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