Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ohmygod What A Spaz!

If you thought that Jack Abramoff was the only budding psycho in High School, my friend Doug at Stinks Good went to school with Abramoff's right hand, current squealer Michael Scanlon. He was apparently a total bully nutjob back then. And then today in Wonkette, verification:

I was reading Washingtonian magazine last night while waiting for my physical therapy "rendition". While flipping through the pages I came upon a picture of Michael Scanlon, laid out next to a yearbook photo from Walter Johnson High School of Sean Scanlon. Under the two photos was a caption stating something about how Michael "Sean" Scanlon was known as Sean at Walter Johnson High School.
"That's funny," I thought. "I went to WJ and I knew a guy there named Sean Scanlon who was a complete fucking asshole."

I checked the photo, and his graduation date, and it dawned on me that this was the very same fucking asshole who once, while wandering round drunk after leaving a party that had been busted up by the cops, threatened me by waiving a large tree limb in my face and saying "If you ever put a curse on my sister again, I'm going to kill you." Not only was he an asshole and a bully, he was also delusional. I'm not sure where he got the idea that I had put a curse on his sister but he apparently found teenagers dressed all in black to be mysterious and scary, even when they were 5'2" tall 14 year old girls."

DCEIVER says he sounds like "a real far-corner-of-the-cafeteria type". I think we all knew the guy from high school who grew up to be a cutthroat Republican operative: the loner bully who built pipe bombs and shot cats with a bb gun and got really angry around cute girls, or when the French teacher dared correct him.

Trench-coat Mafia indeed.


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