Monday, January 09, 2006

Sell Out

Atlanta Malcontent has an interesting posting about what China's economic liberalisation has not brought to pass; remember how all the free traders said that favored nation status for China would undermine the government and lead to democracy and freedom? Apparently they weren't figuring on the cravenness of American corporations:

For example, Microsoft recently admitted it would purge politically sensitive content from personal Web logs—or blogs—offered to users within China, according to Radio Free Asia. And Google has already tailored its Chinese product to exclude subject matter deemed undesirable to Beijing, such as overseas news organizations, human rights groups and Chinese democracy activists overseas.

Meanwhile, Cisco is supplying the Chinese government with equipment that is capable of filtering any news and views not acceptable to the Chinese Communist Party, independent researchers say.

Chinese Internet service providers use sophisticated filtering systems engineered by technology and software, courtesy of U.S. companies, that enables them to enter thousands of banned keywords and Web addresses for automatic blocking, according to a report in YaleGlobal's online edition. Eliminating porn is not their priority.

Bucking to greed has always cost this country, and it's happening again. We've created an emerging world power that seems to have no interest in human rights or regional stability (i.e. North Korea). And with a growing economy, the people are less inclined to revolt.


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