Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Straight People Are Gross

Read this explicit "Contract" of "Wifely Expectations" an Iowa man sought to force onto his wife. Shudder.


Anonymous Big Gay Sam said...

Is this that sanctity of marriage everyone is so anxious to preserve? I'm really confused about it. I know how desperate conservative America is to save marriage and family from the horrible GAYS!! BOO!!

Who knows, maybe we'll get married on a whim and divorce in 24 hours. Oh wait. Brittany Spears.

I got it! We could get married for money. Hold it. It's been done. Anna Nicole.

Yes, marriage is so sacred these days. I can see why people want it "preserved." (sarcasm)

Now, lets not forget gay adoption. Never mind that we're adopting what straight America has thrown away like so much trash. Pay no attention the hundreds of gay couples that adopt special needs children. Yep. Can't have 'em doing any of that. It might destroy "The Family."

Gah! The bitterness is overwhelming. Must immerse myself in Will & Grace episodes. I have to keep up with how straight America expects us to act. I have two choices. Serial Killer or Comic Relief.


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