Friday, March 24, 2006

Ding Dong

Red Dawn blogger and all-around smarmy homeschool boy Ben Domenech lasted all of three days as the Washington Post's new conservative shill:

In the past 24 hours, we learned of allegations that Ben Domenech plagiarism material that appeared under his byline in various publications prior to contracting with him to write a blog that launched Tuesday.

An investigation into these allegations was ongoing, and in the interim, Domenech has resigned, effective immediately.

I wonder if it also counts as plagiarism if all you do for a living is regurgitate right-wing talking points in the smug know-it-all manner that only a pophead with no life experience can have?

Remember, this is a guy who opened his first column with this sentence:

This is a blog for the majority of Americans.

What kind if ignoramus actually thinks he speaks for the majority of Americans?

Well, guess what Ben? The majority of Americans don't cheat.

Oh well, at least he is young enough to join the military and go off to fight in our glorious battle for the liberation of Iraq. Be all that you can be Ben. Be all that you can be.


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