Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Red State Rising?

Jesus, is the Washington Post now handing out blogs to any snot-nosed, concieted little asswipe who ever registered a Blogger account? What else can explain this abomination? I mean, claiming that you are the Triumphant Voice of the True America is great. At least until the next election. Someone get the boy some smelling salts. I think he's been overcome with the vapors of righteousness.
Best quote so far?

For the MSM, Dan Rather is just another TV anchor, France is just another country and Red Dawn is just another cheesy throwaway Sunday afternoon movie.

Um, yeah. That would all be true.

BTW, Red Dawn references aside, I bet that Ben Domenech has never held a gun in his life.

And I'll take money on his being a closeted homosexual.

Oh, and the RedState/BlueState meme was always bullshit. These days it's just painfully dated bullshit.


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