Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lack Of Faith

George Michael was caught by a tabloid photographer having sex in the bushes at Hampstead Heath with this good sport:

A 58 year old unemployed truck driver from Brighton.

Here's what Georgie had to say when he stumbled out of the bushes:

"Are you gay? No? Then fuck off! This is my culture!"

That is so wrong, on so many levels, I hardly know where to start.

From time to time, I suffer from what my black friend (like Steven Colbert, I only have one) Anson and I call Model Minority Syndrome. That's the tendency to suffer embarrassment when others in the minority group in which you find yourself do or say stupid things. Did I really want Rosie O'Donnell riding the bus with me? Did I really want Carson Kressley doing color commentary at the Miss Universe pagent? Model Minority Syndrome may be terribly unfair, yet I still cringe when a public homo like this train wreck

uses our common identity to excuse his bad behavior. Being a queer in no way excuses Lesbian Mullets, Madonna worship, and cottaging in Hampstead Heath. I mean, come on George, if you were that hard-up, you could have at least just gone off to The Hoist.

Thanks to Joe.My.God. for the heads-up.

BTW, Hampstead Heath is also where Kevin Spacey was "mugged".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't want to detract from the general upshot of your K Spacey comment, I believe he was "walking his dog" in a park in Lambeth, south London, not on Hampstead Heath.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous George said...

tabloid rubbish


11:32 AM  

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