Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Buttars Givith

Not to sound all one note here, but the more I read about Senator Chris Buttars, the more I love this irascable scamp. Check out this quote:

"If you read the homosexual rule book, you'll find their greatest target is kids...".

Well, let me check. Where'd I put that damned rule book? The thing is thicker then the yellow pages. Oh, here it is. Yup. Chapter Twenty-three.

But lest you think Buttars is a single-issue kind of guy, he's shown his wingnut flexibility by introducing a bill before the Utah Legislature to ban the teaching of evolution. Straight-up, pre-Scopes Trial ban it. Although Buttars does play a little coy on this one:

"It doesn't hinder them about talking about evolution at all," Buttars said. "They can talk about evolution from the Big Bang or life crawled out of the slime somewhere. But what they can't do is . . . tell students, 'This is how it happened, how you became man, you evolved from an ape."

Because, ya know, telling students how things happened isn't really what we pay teachers to do. We don't want them getting all facty on us or anything. The Buttars himself even wrote his own anti-facty op-ed piece in USA Today:

The trouble with the "missing link" is that it is still missing! In fact, the whole fossil chain that could link apes to man is also missing! The theory of evolution, which states that man evolved from some other species, has more holes in it than a crocheted bathtub.

Senator, I'm pleased to announce that we have found the missing link.

Everyone Knows, It's Buttars!


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