Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Buttars Strikes Again!

My new favorite fun and wacky legislator, Utah State Senator Chris Buttars, is at it again:

Sen. Chris Buttars recently stood before the Eagle Forum convention and proclaimed homosexuals more likely to have syphilis, rectal disorders, urinary scarring, acute bronchitis and genital herpes. And where did he find this information? From former 2nd Congressional District candidate Gary Stephens, who said his contact with citizens in 16 Utah counties concerned with "gay issues" has made him "better informed than most about the issue."

Hmmm, "contact" with "citizens concerned about gay issues". In sixteen counties, nonetheless. It sounds like someone's been busy on the truck stop circuit!

Not that Senator Buttars swings that way. No, he clearly delights, I mean CLEARLY DELIGHTS!!!! in the presence of comely and virtuous young ladies.

Everyone Knows, It's Buttars!


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