Wednesday, January 25, 2006

That Dog Don't Hunt

You shoot and rob a homo college professor in Alabama, expect the jury to only convict you of a lesser charge. After all, he had it coming:

Defense attorneys Amber Ladner and Cynthia Umstead contended the defendant, 19 at the time, reacted in the heat of passion when the 37-year-old victim tried to homosexually assault him...

(The defendant) Carlisle testified he got into Speigner's car because the man said he wanted to buy marijuana. In her closing argument, Ladner compared Speigner's actions to that of a molester using a puppy to lure a young child.

"They use what they can to get them into the car," she said.

Because a gay man trying to pick up another adult male is the equivalent of a luring a child with a puppy.

Plus, I love her casual employment of "they". It's not like Alabamans have any practice with that sort of language.

It was left to the poor prosecutor, probably a good Republican, to carry out the distastful duty of actually trying to humanize the dead fucking queer:

"He was not road kill," (Prosecutor) Roberts told jurors. "Despite what he did in his private life, Sammie Speigner's life had value. He was shot, robbed and dumped into the street bleeding to death like an animal."

I added the bold because that phrase, right there, shows how deep into the subconscious the hatred of homosexuals is. That's the current state of tolerance for gays in much of America: "OK, they're evil and we hate them, but I guess they probably shouldn't be killed."

Thus it's necessary for a representative of the State of Alabama to actally remind the good folks that all people, indeed, have value (even faggots). I guess it's progress, right? Besides, it's not like Jesus taught us to love one another or anything.


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