Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fear Of A Brown Planet

Dana Rohrabacher, craziest of the "cavemen" right-wingers who run Orange County, has a solution to the immigration problem. Apparently, he wants to release hundreds of thousands of convicted felons into California's farm fields to pick fruit.

Yeah, that's a good idea. I guess they could also use felons in the restaurant industry, the gartment industry, the landscaping industry, etc. Felons can come in and clean your house! Just never mind the guy with the shotgun and the german shepard there.

Maybe we can just turn the whole state into a large prison, where no one is paid a wage, and we all have to eat Salisbury Steak three times a week.

Of course, I don't expect people like Rohrabacher to actually think about the practical impact of immigration. For them, it's not about the economy of the facts of the issue. It's about restoring California to this lily-white Beach-Boys 1960's fantasy that never really existed.


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