Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gay Or British?

Time for the lastest chapter of our continuing series,
Gay or British?

In this week's episode, finally a politician with balls. And they're all over the internet.

Charles Anglin, a Lib Dem councillor from South London, is unapologetic after his profile from a gay sex site was circulated, including a picture of him naked and clutching his, ehem, legislative package.

A link to Anglin’s profile on the website was circulated to a number of newspapers last week.

The pictures included him posing naked cupping his genitalia. Other pictures included him laughing for the camera.

On the site, Anglin described himself as a single gay man, into “wrestling” and “reading”.

The naked picture of himself was removed after he spoke to The Voice.

Anglin told The Voice that the images had nothing to do with his political life.

“I’m a gay man and I’m not ashamed about that. I’ve always been open about my sexuality," he said.

“I don’t think it’s an issue. It has nothing to do with my political life. It’s not political what I do with my private life.

It looks like Charles is "Anglin" for my vote. Judging by the looks of him, he gets it:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gay & British...bullseye.

Why can't the American politicians be like this guy? He's young, hot, loves sex and doesn't mind showing off.

Now I need to find the original pictures...

9:04 PM  

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