Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Parking Hogs Everywhere Beware!

This guy rocks.


Anonymous PassatDoc said...

I remember parking at a Trader Joe's right after orthopaedic surgery. A woman in a Ford Expedition (classic south Orange County: blonde ponytail, Starbucks cup left hand, cell phone right hand, kids out of control) parked to my left and didn't bother to center her car in the space, so that her right wheels overlapped into my space. The result was that my driver's door could be opened about a foot, max. She did this job as I was limping back to my car with my shopping cart. I asked her politely to redo her parking so that others around her could enter/exit their cars as well. Her reply: "can't you just slide over from the passenger side?" My reply was unprintable.

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