Friday, April 07, 2006

Tom DeLay, Icon

From Kevin Drum, the Canadian weiner at the National Review:

As Tom DeLay leaves Congress, the television screens and newspapers flash that haunting grinning mug shot. That is part of the record of course. But it is not all the record. And when your grandchildren and mine visit Capitol Hill decades hence, they will see Tom DeLay’s face not in pixels but in sculpture, arranged with his sometime partner, sometime rival Newt Gingrich in the arcade alongside James Madison, John Calhoun, Thaddeus Stevens, Joe Cannon, Sam Rayburn and the other bygone powers of the House of Representatives. These leaders also had their faults. They too had their failures. But the United States is a just and generous nation, and those who write its history will tell the story in full: not only the tawdry chapters, but also the magnificent.

I've already ordered my Tom DeLay Life-size Memorial Dildo(tm). It's great for fucking the American People!

The limited edition double-headed Gingrich/DeLay model is on backorder.

Thanks to Sadly, No!


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Uh...David Frum.


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