Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Listening At My Desk

I've had Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis (late of Rilo Kiley) and the Watson Twins for a while now, but listening to it this morning I was hit hard by what a fine record it is. Melodic, alt-country influenced songs with sharp, funny, sad and political lyrics serve to make it a sweetly timed look into our current state of national and personal disrepair. Rise Up With Fists!!! is now the default on my Myspace page. Jenny mixes large and small themes together like one of those people you know who has something smart and a bit silly to say about everything. Here's the lyrics from Born Secular:

I was born secular
and inconsolable
I heard that he walked
he walked the earth

God goes
where he wants
and who knows
where he is not

Not in me

It's the way
mothers greet their sons
when it's a moment too late
It's the law of the land
But sometimes the dam just breaks

God works in mysterious ways
And God gives
and then he takes away

From me


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