Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don't Ask Don't WHAT THE FUCK!?!

You know what America doesn't need? It doesn't need decorated Army sargents who speak fluent Arabic. Yeah, that's what America doesn't need. I know that because the Army just spent eight months investigating a soldier with the 82nd Airborne, with the melodic name of Bleu Copas, to see if he was gay, based on the sole evidence of a few anonymous e-mails from some spiteful soul. When they determined that he was indeed a fag(he refused, as is his right, to answer the questions) they threw him out. They've spent almost 370 million dollars throwing gays out of the military since 1993, including a number with expensive specialty training like Sargent Copas, as well as a few decorated Iraq war veterans. Your tax dollars busy at work, folks.

Damn, I fell like waving a flag right about now. I just don't know which one.


Blogger transuranic said...

ach mein Gott. So tired of hearing these stories.

Interestingly enough, the intelligence community apparently doesn't care if you're queer or not (although I'm glad I didn't make it far enough into that system for them to have to ask.) It's just the military. So while these stories get coverage - rightfully so, as we need all the Arabic speakers on the ground we can get - there is another sector of Arabic linguists who are thankfully left alone to do their jobs (even if that just means reading your email.)

"But General, isn't there any way for an honest rabbit to serve his country?" - Bugs Bunny, ca. World War II

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